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Click here for a PDF of my résumé, here for a PDF of my portfolio, and read below to hear my quick pitch.

You need an English speaking, non-West-Coast, experienced copywriter who gets tech but doesn’t “nerd out” on people who don’t get tech.

Well, that’s me.

  1. B2B experience? Check. I actually won a writing award for an explainer video for Kordata—a mobile data collection software.
  2. Remote work experience? Check x2. I worked remotely for United Health Group as a medical copywriter for OptumHealth.com and as a social media content developer for Beyond Indigo—a marketing and communications company for the veterinary industry.
  3. WordPress know-how? Check. I develop template-based websites for startups and nonprofits. Check out TrueStoryProject.com!
  4. Plugin experience? Check. FormGet, Aspire Store Locator, been there done that.
  5. Ability to write for multiple platforms? Check. Six years in journalism and even more in marketing means that I’ve written everything from blogs to books, brochures to billboards.

Let’s talk!


(208) 608-2004