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Stop marketing like it’s 1962. Independent Creativity helps you:

• Develop branded messaging that meets business goals

• Maintain your Facebook and other social media profiles

• Stay relevant online through blog writing and other content sharing



blogging services, copywriting, editing


Don’t write a blog no one would want to read just to improve your SEO, and don’t write website or brochure copy that would put you to sleep. 

Independent Creativity produces:

• Award-winning copywriting for websites, print collateral, and ads (print, outdoor, radio or TV)

• 100% accuracy in copy editing

• Blogs that compel readers to take an economic action



resume design, job interview prepRESUME DESIGN | JOB INTERVIEW PREPARATION

If your résumé is on a Microsoft Word template, write your education and work history on the back of a napkin instead. That way, at least they’ll notice the napkin.

Independent Creativity offers cutting-edge yet completely appropriate résumé design for all levels of professionals, from entry level to C-suite executive.

We also provide job interview coaching. This is not some lame mock interview, but an actual psychological and linguistic deep-dive into why interview questions are being asked and how you should answer them.


URL, website development, web developerWEB DEVELOPMENT

Did you know some websites cost $30,000.00? Did you know they don’t have to? Independent Creativity’s websites include:

• Easy-to-use WordPress templates and backend management software

• Advanced design with responsive technology so your site works on computers, tablets and smartphones seamlessly

• Copy and images that have been developed with SEO best practices