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Stop marketing like it’s 1962. If Don Draper were in the ad world today, he wouldn’t tell you to overspend on TV or print. He’d tell you to engage your customers and prospective customers. Then, he’d light up a cigarette and pour an old fashioned right in the middle of the office.

Independent Creativity helps you:

• Develop branded messaging that meets business goals

• Maintain your Facebook and other social media profiles

• Stay relevant online through blog writing and other content sharing

And we promise to do any smoking and drinking AFTER the work day is done, not during it! 


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Don Draper wouldn’t write a blog no one would want to read, and he wouldn’t write website or brochure copy that would put you to sleep. 

Independent Creativity produces:

• Award-winning copywriting for websites, print collateral, and ads (print, outdoor, radio or TV)

• 100% accuracy in copy editing

• Blogs that compel readers to take an economic action



resume design, job interview prepRESUME DESIGN | JOB INTERVIEW PREPARATION

If Don Draper saw a résumé on a Microsoft Word template, he’d advise you to write your education and work history on the back of a napkin instead. That way, he’d at least notice the napkin.

Independent Creativity offers cutting-edge yet completely appropriate résumé design for all levels of professionals, from entry level to executive.

We also provide job interview coaching. This is not some lame mock interview, but an actual psychological and linguistic deep-dive into why interview questions are being asked and how you should answer them. Read our testimonials.


URL, website development, web developerWEB DEVELOPMENT

Did you know some websites cost $30,000.00? Did you know some cost between $500.00 to $2,000.00? Independent Creativity can get you set up with the latter kind.

Independent Creativity’s websites include:

• Easy-to-use WordPress templates and backend management software

• Advanced design with responsive technology so your site works on computers, tablets and smartphones seamlessly

• Copy and images that have been developed with SEO best practices